Bible Reading – Colossians 3

1. Seek, set, and put to death (3:1-11). There are things in life that are important and when we begin to give thought to things bigger than us, we set out to seek them. For some, they believe they have found them in the wisdom of the things in this world. Not so for the Christian. He seeks to have a greater understanding of those things that last; having found it, he sets his mind firmly upon it. Realizing what it is, finding that pearl of great price, he sells all that he has, putting to deaths those things that hinder, and wraps (buys) his arms around it.

2. The Lord’s peace (3:12-17). Understanding greater things than this world can produce let us mold our life in accordance with that great understanding. Changing our way of thinking and knowing exactly why we are changing it; this allows us to have the peace of Christ in our hearts because his word is firmly enthroned there.

3. Your service (3:18-25). It has been said time and again that we all serve someone or something. To the Christian, our service is to the ONE. As we serve the Lord we serve our family and we serve those outside the family. We do this because we enjoy doing this and we know that when called upon at judgment, the righteous One will judge us accordingly.