Bible Reading – Hebrews 11

1. In the early part of Hebrews, we learn the importance of faith and its acceptance or not to the Lord. Faith is assurance and conviction, and without either, one can’t be pleasing to the Lord. It is assurance because our TRUST in the Lord is more than something surface, and it is conviction because we KNOW the Lord is right and to Him we turn.

2. In sports, a “hall of fame” is an important “resting” place after one’s career is over. If one is fortunate enough to have achieved the sport’s “immortality” their name will be known for posterity sake. In the “hall of faith,” consider the men and women mentioned here and, moreover, consider why their faith brought them here in this “hall of faith.” They were committed to One and they were willing to endure much for that One to whom they were committed.

3. It is worth mentioning the differences between the two “halls.” First, one is for athletics, the other for life. Second, one has a short span of evaluation, the other uses the standard of Jesus to evaluate. Third, one is purely a physical endeavor, the other has spiritual convictions which result, many times, in physical afflictions. Fourth, the forces opposing are able to take the uniforms off, Christians are never to take their armor off.