Bible Reading – James 1

1. A tested faith (1:1-12). James gives some practical advice to help us appreciate these tests. When we are tested, to whom do we go to find relief? We ought to go where all wisdom resides, and that is to the Lord. This is a most important point to consider and to not forget (1:6-7). The station one has in life is not immune to testing of one sort or the other, but the man who stands fast, now that is a man who the Lord looks upon favorably.

2. God the cause (1:13-18)? The actuality of what occurs when each of us fails. We may think we can blame another, but it really falls on self. On the other hand, we can be sure of that which we receive from God – whatever it is, it will be for our good.

3. Communication and obedience (1:19-27). It is a well-known axiom that communication will not occur if one of the two refuses to pay attention to the other who is speaking. Is it any less when it comes to spiritual, godly, and biblical matters? When the Lord’s will penetrates the heart the one thing that will be done in one’s life and in the lives of others will be the result of the Law of Liberty.