Bible Reading — James 2

Ron is having a problem posting, so here is his outline for today’s daily Bible reading on James 2.

1. Respect of persons (2:1-13).

a. Showing partiality is a concern to all everywhere. We are apt to align ourselves with others of like mind. In so doing, perhaps, we can fall into a trap, a trap no one intentionally lays. It is a challenge to each of us to be mindful of what is the right way of doing things and then doing it. When we judge – for no one can live life without making a judgment – be sure the standard used is the one we want used on us (cf. Matthew 7:1-2; John 7:24).

b. James makes his point all the more poignant when he says that one’s approach in judging, if it is wicked, is just as wicked as adultery and murder. The same law (the Law of Moses, the Royal Law) judges the actions and the thoughts the same.

2. Faith and works (2:14-26).

a. It is strange that James had to say something along the line of faith’s relationship to good works, but the fact he did is indicative of some who were troubled by the relationship. How can one say they have faith and yet that faith is an inactive faith? James says this can’t be.

b. If one has the faith of Christ, that person will live by the motto of Acts 4:20 and Titus 3:8. An illustration of this kind of faith is Abraham. The kind of faith he had we are to have as well (cf. Romans 4:20-25).