Bible Reading – James 4

1. Your loyalty (4:1-10). There are two options placed before man (cf. Deuteronomy 3:15-19), which option will we be loyal to?

a. The option we chose has everything to do with what kind of world I make for myself.

b. James is tremendously disappointed with the option many chose, thus he rebukes them and exhorts them to get in line. Get in line behind God.

2. Your authority (4:11-12). Of course, this is related to the previous point.

a. If we choose the option that is against God, are we a better judge of what is right than God?

b. So many people think so, but those who think so have ability to destroy things that do not need destroyed.

c. This in contrast to the One who is truly the Judge of all that is right.

3. The right thing to do (4:13-17).

a. The right thing to do is remember God and His will in all of that which we do. What a foolish thing it is to think that God is not interested in our lives.

b. Practically speaking, to follow the admonition results in at least two things: first, the name of God is proclaimed to others; second, the will of God is lived in the life of the saint.