Bible Reading – James 5

1. Loyalty (5:1-6). If it is all about self, then destruction awaits. The problem is not, and never has been, about wealth. The problem is always self.

2. Longsuffering (5:7-11). In contrast to self, one is to be patient, longsuffering, and enduring. Life can be extremely difficult, but the patient one who waits on the Lord will not be disappointed.

3. Lord’s will (5:13-18). Prayer is a great thing. The attitude of the heart has much to do with the ability to pull through. In truth, however, we can’t pull through if we have not the Lord. When we are sick, do we ask others to pray for us? Do we pray for others when they are sick? When others are sick with sin, let us remember them continually.

4. Closing (5:12, 19-20). Speak with confidence in the Lord, seek with the Lord’s interest in others, and remember that your effort in the way of righteousness will not go unnoticed.