Bible Reading – John 4

A conversation between Jesus and a Samaritan Woman (4:1-26). A simple request for some water to drink leads to a discussion of “living water” that springs up to eternal life. However, this “living water,” while offered to everyone, is not for everyone. It is only for those whose lives are in harmony with God’s message.

A conversation between Jesus and his Disciples (4:27-38). Too many disciples are farsighted. They say “tomorrow”, “next month”, or “next year,” but God’s mission is today!

Faith Grows (4:39-54). At first, the Samaritans believed because of the woman’s report, later their faith increased because they heard the message themselves. Similarly, the royal official believed enough to request that Jesus heal his son. He also believed the word that Jesus spoke to him that his son would live. Still, his belief climaxed when he received confirmation of Jesus’ promise.