Bible Reading – John 6

Two Signs (6:1-24). The first sign was the feeding of the five thousand. This sign convinced the people that he was the Prophet like Moses (an allusion to Deuteronomy 18:15). Walking on water was the second sign, which appears to be a lesson only for the disciples (notice how he does not explain to the crowds how he got to the other side of the lake; see 6:25-26). Both signs show his control over the natural world and demonstrate his ability to provide and protect.

The Bread of Life (6:25-71). Jesus had already demonstrated his ability to sustain people physically. Ultimately, however, the sign teaches about his ability to sustain people spiritually.

Practical Points

(1) A pessimist hinders God’s mission, but an optimist seeks to fulfill it (6:5-13).

(2) Jesus can take our small offering, bless it, and turn it into something great (6:8-13).

(3) Jesus is with us even in the storms of life (6:16-21).

(4) A life fully devoted to Jesus knows that he has the words of eternal life (6:66-69).