Bible Reading – John 8

“Everyone who practices sin is a slave of sin” (8:34), serves as the focal point of this chapter. The woman was a slave to adultery (8:3-5, 10-11). The Jewish leaders, along with many of the Jews, were slaves to disbelief (8:6-9, 13, 22, 48, 52-53, 57, 59). Enslavement to sin results in a life of darkness, darkness breeds ignorance and a lifestyle of every kind of impurity. Jesus, however, is “the light of the world” (8:12), and promises freedom from sin to the person who believes in him and follows his teaching (8:24, 31-32, 51).

Jesus offers light to those in darkness, forgiveness to those in sin; truth to those blinded by ignorance. He is able to do all of this because he is deity, the great I AM (8:58; cf. Exodus 3:14).