Bible Reading – Luke 1

I. Certainty (Luke 1:1-4). One of the important things in life is to have certainty. When we are certain of something, that gives us assurance. The Holy Spirit saw to it that the facts of the life of Christ were presented to us as He determined they should be.

II. “How can this be” turns into certainty (Luke 1:5-25). Even righteous people struggle with things beyond human experience. While Zechariah may not have doubted the Lord for an instant…what did he do, but doubt the Lord! It is always best to hear the Lord and doubt not even the littlest bit.

III. “How can this be” willingly said to let it be done (Luke 1:26-38). With many years of experience, one had his doubts. With but few years of experience in this world a virtuous woman said to the Lord’s will, “Your will be done.”

IV. The Magnificat (Luke 1:39-56). From the wellsprings of her soul, she magnifies the Lord because He took (takes) and interest in a lowly servant, because His strength dispels all those who think they are strong, because His mercy is great, and because of His promise to Abraham.

V. One who had been judged knew for certain the things he had been told (Luke 1:57-80). On three occasions in this chapter we read of one being filled with the Holy Spirit (John, the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth, Elizabeth, and Zechariah). With Zechariah’s indwelling, he prophesied. He not only exalted the Lord in praise, but to those standing nearby, Zechariah told the significance of this child born to them (cf. 1:65). When John started preaching, the people could easily reflect on these words.