Bible Reading – Luke 11

1. The giving Father (11:1-13). It is very easy to think of the Father, as one reads the Old Testament, that the Father is not only the Father of mercies, but also one of justice. This would be true, but as you consider the Lord’s justice, even in this He is most merciful. He desires to give, rather than take away. He first wants us to give to Him.

2. The empty house (11:14-26). Have you every experienced internal division? Not so much in a family, or in a church, but within? I have, and not much gets done that is productive. The struggle to stay the course spiritually when there are so many activities pulling on us is mighty difficult. Jesus, however, says the solution is not to have an empty house, but a house that is full of the right things.

3. The lamp (11:27-36). Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it; the lamp they have is an eye that seeks to see things as the Lord would have each see it – through the lenses of righteousness. To help spur one on to see things as they ought to see, illustrations are given by the Lord: Nineveh, Solomon, and a lampstand.

4. The self-righteous (11:37-54). It is note worthy that the Lord took spiritual etiquette (of the religious leaders) and turned it on its head with a sever condemnation of them. So quickly were they to add one line to another in order to dictate what ought to be and what ought not to be done! The self-righteous saw themselves as religious police; if one stepped out of line, it would not be long before it was brought to his attention. Lesson: stay with the Word of God, and let not one man’s opinion reign supreme – no matter how reasonable it sounds (1 Peter 4:11; Romans 15:18; 1 John 4:1).