Bible Reading – Luke 12

1. Our fear of the Lord (12:1-12). It is often overlooked that we are to approach the Lord with reverent fear. This approach to the Lord helps us overcome hypocrisy, doing sinful things secretly, and worrying about things that consume/control us. In addition to this, we are much more apt (willing) to speak the Lord’s name in a most honorable way; speak not with just words, but speaking loudly with the life lived.

2. Our fear of possessions (12:13-21). Perhaps we ought to fear accumulating possessions more than we do. If we did, would we have so much stuff? What is it that we are going to do with all that? Of course, we are going to store it in the attic! Many people in western society are guilty of doing just that (I am!). But Jesus is not talking about that, someone might say. It is true that Jesus is speaking of our possessions becoming our idol god, but how close are we to serving the same idol?

3. Our treasure (12:22-34). In keeping with the theme, our reverent approach to the Lord give us knowledge about what we actually value. We will not value the material, but we will use material blessings in service of the Lord. We will not value anxiety because we know anxiety gets us nowhere. On the other hand, we will find that pearl of great price and make sure that the riches which come from this hidden (to the world) treasure is ours from which we can draw again and again.

4. Our preparation (12:35-48). Our reverent fear of the Lord, our lack of concern (interest) in worldly possessions, our true treasure has us prepared for when the Lord comes. In this warning, He makes clearing that the hour of His arrival is unknown, but when He does come, He will very much know our activities and our heart! To him who knew to do and did not, what can he expect? Severity of judgment.

5. Our time for decision (12:49-59). We all come to the valley of decision, the valley of Jehoshaphat – what will our decision be (Joel 3:12-14)? Let us be prepared to meet our God!