Bible Reading – Luke 13

Using up the ground (13:1-9). When we look at ourselves, generally speaking, we look at ourselves somewhat favorably. In the days of our Lord, many of the Jews saw themselves in a favorable light as well. John and Jesus both preached that they need to reconsider, thus the words of our Lord. Repentance is not a matter for the other guy, but for it first to start at home. without starting at home, has our home begun to merely use up the ground and become useless in God’s service?

The shame (13:10-17). Some religious icons, such as Sabbath day observance, do not allow for the oppressed to be relieved. It was not noticed that a woman was present at the appropriate time, it was not noticed that the woman did what she could to get there, it was not noticed that she went to the great Rabbi (Jesus), it was only noticed what she did wrong.

The Kingdom of God and the narrow gate (13:18-30). When we value something, it becomes precious to us beyond measure. Many have a desire to enter God’s kingdom, but they don’t value the Lord like He demands of them. In fact, what they desire is more along the line of social religion, or a religion of “I want,” or, even still, a religion that does not make too many demands on life. The path is narrow, the gate is small, but there the Lord awaits.

To Jerusalem (13:31-35). Marshall Keeble wrote about, in 1960, the time when he stood on the Mount of Olives, looking across the Valley of Jehoshaphat. As he stood there, he imagined the Lord speaking the words of 13:34-35. It was a sad occasion for the Lord, but His greater commitment to the Father far exceeded His…

Written by Ron Thomas