Bible Reading – Luke 14

One’s religion (14:1-6). This has always been an interesting passage to me because it gets to the crux of one’s religion. With the religious leaders, it was a matter of traditional observance of the Sabbath, and whatever good could be done, it had to wait. Years ago I remember a struggle with concept – all because of what I was taught. I was unsure if it would have been okay to miss Sunday morning services when one was in need. I have not that concern any longer, but I remember it well when I did.

Humility two-fold (14:7-14). Humility should present itself to another (others) in two ways. First, one ought not to promote self in thought or deed. Second, when those of less fortunate circumstances are noticed, do what you can to relieve them of their burden. It could be a good word spoken or a good deed done. All this is to be done with one motivation in mind – your love of the Lord. In His humiliation, He came down.

The legitimate is an excuse (14:15-24). Perhaps the theme of humility can be applied here. Are we so busy in life, that when the Lord invites, our important and legitimate concerns take us away? No doubt this is true. However, the Lord regards not a bit of it as being legit! We must make a decision as to what is more important: should we accept (with humility) the invitation to the great King, or should we with self-serving interests turn Him down?

Count the cost (14:25-35). The wisdom of counting the cost is so obvious that little is said about it, and therein lays the problem. All thoughtful adults understand this well, but many who are young often have to learn this by experience. It is important that this message be preached by all who are in position to teach. It is a serious matter.

Written by Ron Thomas