Bible Reading – Luke 15

To whom do we take our message (15:1-10)? In this section, I suppose, a number of summaries can be offered, but as I think on it, this is the one that comes to the mind the quickest. When we speak of Jesus saving message, are we speaking to the choir? Perhaps we are – and this needs to continue. But, perhaps, we are not speaking to those who truly need to be found. As you think on this, remember the words of the Lord in 15:10.

The prodigal (15:11-32). What stands out to you in the parable? Is it the prodigal, the brother, the father, or even the fatted calf? What stands out to me are the following: a) he came to himself, b) I will arise and go, c) his father saw him at a distance and ran to him. I need that message!

Written by Ron Thomas