Bible Reading – Luke 17

1. Pay attention (17:1-4). Let not any one of us be a temptation or a stumbling block to another (especially a brother); let not any of us bring the Lord’s disfavor upon us. If one becomes a disfavor to us, and then asks to be forgiven, let not a one of us hold back that forgiveness – could you imagine the Lord doing that to us?

2. Faith and duty (17:5-10). Faith is not only a matter of the heart, it is a matter of duty also; as you consider your heart’s response to your duty, wisdom reigns when we take note that it is the Lord’s mercy that I (we) need.

3. Real understanding (17:11-19). The lepers appealed to the Lord (they had faith), and the Lord granted them their request. In accordance with the Lord’s law (Law of Moses), they exercised their duty, but only one came back with the understanding that it was the Lord’s mercy that brought this about. Faith in action in contrast to a taking for granted disposition in action. “The Lord’s knows I am grateful in my heart already!”

4. The Kingdom of God within (17:20-37). Many in today’s world long for what they think is not even present – the Kingdom of God. It is very much present! The Kingdom of God is present in the heart if one desires it to be; does the Lord reign within? The Kingdom of God is seen in the church of our Lord (Matthew 16:18-19); does the Lord reign supreme? If the Kingdom of God reigns in the heart, preparation is already made.