Bible Reading – Luke 18

1. What’s the point (18:1-8). What is the point to our continued praying; for some it seems like it has no point at all. As far as the Lord is concerned, the righteous ALWAYS has the Father’s ear. While it may not appear that an answer is forthcoming, the Lord already knows the soul longs for relief.

2. Here is the pint (18:9-17). When we approach the Lord in pray, let us not pray “thus with himself” (NKJV), but let us “look” upon the Lord about ourselves as unworthy of the richest blessing each soul can receive. The ones who understand their need for mercy; they will receive it.

3. Our hindrance (18:19-31). Thoughtful Christians understand that having wealth is not a problem in and of itself; the problem is always a matter of the heart. The man who came to Jesus had a heart problem; it hindered him from entering what he desired. He had done what he was supposed to do, but deep within he was empty – Jesus said to him that he lacked something. Will we be honest and consider whether or not we, too, lack something?

4. Have mercy on me (18:32-43). Jesus was headed toward Jerusalem for that one notable event in history that would actually bring peace between God and man (Romans 5:1). As He walked toward His conquering date with Satan’s forces, there was a blind man calling out for His mercy. With the “weight” of the world on Him, He extends mercy to one who is, comparatively speaking, inconvenienced with no sight! To the blind man, it was no mere inconvenience, but a monumental catastrophe. What would he have thought of Jesus’ burden? What do we think?