Bible Reading – Luke 19

1. The Lord’s mission (19:1-10). Just as the young ruler had wealth that prevented him from entering what he desired, the wealthy outcast was able to enter what he desired. One allowed his wealth to be an obstacle, the other used his wealth to serve. In both cases, it was a matter of the heart. The Lord’s mission is to get to the heart of the matter!

2. Responsibility (19:11-27). To him who is given much, much is expected. In the parable, the master gave to each of his servants what he knew they could handle; he expected them to tend to business matters as he knew they could. The one who failed to do anything because little was expected of him (in comparison) was still obligated to do what he could. What stopped him from doing what he could was fear. Fear freezes, and in this freeze, it will soon be warmed up! Thus, in his failure to understand his master, he failed to do as he knew he could and should have. The Scripture speaks of this as a lack of love (1 John 4:18).

3. The silent stones (19:28-40). The Lord makes His way into Jerusalem; He made entry in a triumphant manner, as the King of Israel. Inside of a week, He was killed; still He went. The praise given to Him the religious leaders thought to be blasphemous, but if it did not come from the common folk and the youth, the knowledge of the inanimate objects would cry out! Imagine! Even the dull rocks knew so much more than those considered the most learned!

4. If you had known (19:41-48). The so-called knowledge they had was on the verge of destroying them. They desired God so very much, but they desired Him in accordance with their own will (Proverbs 14:12). As Jesus looked at Jerusalem, and He enters the core of the city, thievery reigns. A sacred environment became a place of commerce.