Bible Reading – Luke 20

1. The real motive (20:1-19). The religious leaders were interested in nothing more than getting Jesus trapped. They had no interest in righteousness, they had no interest in intellectual discussion, they only had one interest. Jesus exposed them (again) with this question concerning John’s baptism. It is then illustrated in the following parable.

2. A futile attempt (20:20-40). They asked Jesus a question, and He was most willing to answer it if they answered His, but they were not. Others made their continued and futile effort to trap the Lord, and He willingly received the question and gave the appropriate answer. Those learned in Scripture marveled and knew He was correct (20:39). An interesting point of which to take note: when the Lord spoke to Moses in the book of Exodus, the Lord’s reply to Moses was an answer that had deeper significance than mere words to help Moses through a troubled situation.

3. Be discerning (20:41-47). Jesus warns that not all religious teachers have the Lord’s interest in mind. A great many times, religious teachers (leaders) have only their own interest in mind. A question comes to mind that each of us ought to ask is, “Whose interest do we have in mind?” This is not a question exclusively for the preacher, but a question that both the preacher and non-preacher should ask.