Bible Reading – Luke 22

1. Preparation (22:1-13). Preparation for the Passover event was two-fold. First, there was the preparation that Judas made and, second, there was the preparation that the disciples made. Imagine being in Judas’ position – what was going through his mind? The Holy Spirit makes it very clear that what was going through his mind was the seeds of Satan! The disciples, on the other hand, had heavier things on their mind, thus their lack of notice about Judas’ activities.

2. The institution (22:14-23). The occasion was solemn, the disciples were confused, one was a turncoat, and the Lord was determined. The last few hours the Lord was on this earth as a “free” man. Not too long from this time, He would be arrested. Whatever He said to His disciples, many things were swirling through their minds – it was all they could do to keep up. The elements of the Passover was now used to introduce something for more important. The Lord passed over the sins many years ago, now He takes them with Him.

3. He who serves (22:24-34, 54-62). I see in this teaching moment for the Lord, not only instructive words about what is actually greater (service rather than being served), but also an illustration in Peter’s life. Peter, I feel confident in saying, was a man of strong conviction, but a man like any other man – one who became weak on occasion. With great conviction he said he would serve the Lord and His cause to the point of death, only to take opportunity to be served when it came his way.

4. The Lord’s prayer (22:35-46). The Lord’s exhortation to His disciple was that they pray in order to not enter into temptation. The Lord prayed; did He pray that He would not enter into temptation with the heavy cup from which He must drink? In our moments of weakness, when the strength of temptations faces us squarely down, do we pray? I need to hear!

5. The power of darkness (22:47-53). The servant who had his ear dismembered, did he have a sudden conversion when Jesus healed him. No man spake like this man, thus He was not arrested. No man healed like this man, either, but when the power of darkness seeks to bring to culmination its desires, and the Lord allows it, it will be done!

6. The Lord turned and looked (22:54-62). I cannot imagine a more vivid scene than that which comes to mind in reading of the eyes of Peter as they caught the eyes of the Lord.

7. They needed no one (22:63-72). The sham of a trial was merely to get Rome to accept a further trial of the Lord. It did not take long before Pilate knew this was a sham – no justice at all done to the Creator of all things. The power of darkness, on this occasion, reigned supreme.