Bible Reading – Luke 24

1. Jesus’ resurrection (24:1-12). It is worth noting that the first indication of anyone knowing about the Lord’s resurrection would be the guards posted (presumably), and the women who came to tend to the body. It has been noted by some that women were looked upon in a not so favorable way in that society. The Lord did not subscribe to that approach; all who had an interest in Him, as these women did, were reliable witnesses to His resurrection.

2. Desire and expectation (24:13-35). The desire of the Lord’s disciples was great. They heard Him, but not all of His words were able to penetrate past their preconceived (or taught) notions. Imagine being one of these two men on the way to Emmaus when Jesus (not knowing it was Him) expounded the Scriptures to you (24:27). They understood the failing of their expectation (24:32), but their desire to serve Him never waned.

3. Slow to believe (24:36-43). For some, it takes a while to think differently. We know this as well as anybody because when we think about ourselves, do we not desire that some be patient with us with this new information given us? We might wonder why they were so slow when the Lord was very much present, but just the same, they were. Why did not the Israelites respond one hundred percent positively to the Lord as they left Egypt? That which plagued them, plagues people today.

4. The great commission (24:44-53). Jesus outlined the Scriptures into a three-fold division, and from within that sacred Record, His disciples were to preach His resurrection and His coming again. It is a challenge to us, but we need to be able to do the same.

Tomorrow, Daniel Haynes will begin a devotional posting on the Book of Acts