Bible Reading – Luke 4

Luke 4 (Tuesday, 2/23/10)

I. The testing of Jesus (4:1-12). Trying to catalogue the temptations, perhaps we could say: a) the lust of the eyes (4:1-4), b) the pride of life (4:5-8), c) the lust of the flesh (4:9-12). Whether the classifications are warranted or not the answers of Jesus are to be ours as well.

II. Jesus, the preacher (4:13-30). Jesus taught where the people were. Into the synagogue He went, the Scripture scroll was opened, and He was the fulfillment of Isaiah’s word. The response was great excitement.

III. If they would have applied Deuteronomy 18:20-22, what Jesus did would have been recognized as a fulfillment of the words of Isaiah He read earlier (4:31-44).