Bible Reading – Luke 5

I. Peter was overcome (5:1-11). Can you imagine what it would have been like for Peter, James, and John to toil all night and get nothing – only to have this “preacher” tell you to let the nets downs? There was something in these three men for them to listen to the Lord at this point.

II. A leprous man was overcome (5:12-16). In contrast to the three newly chosen disciples, a healed man did just the opposite of what the Lord said was to be done.

III. Extraordinary things (5:17-26). The people saw the attention Jesus was getting from the common folk and the religious leaders. They saw Him declare that the sins of a man was forgiven, and they saw that when questioned, Jesus demonstrated His authority by healing the paralyzed man. Who could this be, but God?

IV. Jesus, the confusing figure (5:27-39). The perception of the Messiah was far different that what Jesus was presenting. Yet, Jesus presented Himself in such a way that people could only think of Him at the Prophet Moses spoke of; but there was much difficulty with that because would Israel’s Messiah eat with a Roman tax collector? Moreover, how could Jesus not be as the other religious figures? Jesus’ parable told them more than they desire to accept.