Bible Reading – Luke 6

I. Jesus and David (6:1-5). It is so hard to criticize a hero and so easy to criticize what you don’t understand.

II. The confrontation (6:6-11). Man made laws are burdensome; in the case of the religious laws of the Pharisees, they were overly burdensome. Jesus knew this well, but the common folk dared not make a challenge. Jesus did this for them.

III. The calling of His disciples (6:12-16).

IV. The sermon on the mount (6:17-49). The Lord is not dealing with one’s physical standing, but one’s spiritual standing (6:20-26). The golden rule (6:27-31). Be merciful as the Father (6:32-36). Judge righteously, not hypocritically (6:37-42). By your deeds you shall be known, and by your words what will the others know (6:43-49).