Bible Reading – Luke 8

I. Provided for (8:1-3). It is often overlooked that Jesus and His disciples were provided for by some women of, perhaps, wealth. What is interesting to me is that sincere people will provide for those they regard highly. These women, whatever their means, saw to it that the needs were met.

II. Parable of soils (8:4-15). It is important to get the seed scattered in such a way that all hearts can hear and decide. Satan is powerful, like a roaring lion he seeks and devours. No matter how strong he is, the Word of God is more powerful.

III. The lamp of life (8:16-18). Not only should we pay attention to the kind of heart we have, but we can be sure that whatever is within, it will be known.

IV. The family of God is…(8:19-21).

V. The disciple’s question and the Lord’s answer (8:22-39). The disciples were astounded at what the Lord did relative to the calming of the elements and the sea, but greater still, is what the Lord did to one demon possessed.

VI. An active faith (8:40-56). On the part of two, there was no doubt. For Jesus, there was no doubt the sick little girl would be fine. He did not need to go, but that He did brings us to another who, also, had no doubt. A poor woman knew that if she could touch….she would be healed. Such a little thing, but one so important. one who was not a Jew had more faith in God than those who considered themselves Jews. One who was not affluent, but rather poor had more riches in her soul than the religious leaders with their knowledge.