Bible Reading – Luke 9

I. The Lord’s early commission (9:1-6). The idea of training men in a new endeavor is valuable, and I believe we can all see this. The disciples had a limited, early commission and they were to be judges of received and who did not.

II. Herod is confused (9:7-9). This is what lack of knowledge and fear does to a person.

III. The feeding of the five thousand (9:10-17). With such a large crowd, Jesus having taught all day, the Lord decided it was time to provide for the masses (five thousand men, not counting women and youth). That which the Lord did with so little was truly monumental and yet, to Him, it was nothing at all.

IV. Herod, the common folk and the disciples were confused (9:18-22, 43-45). Herod was confused because he thought he tended to the miracle worker; the people were confused because they knew Jesus to be a prophet of God, but of what kind? The disciples, on the other hand, learned by experience (Jesus’ teachings and His deeds) that He was who He claimed to be.

V. The cost of discipleship (9:23-27, 57-62). Anything a person values will be kept. Are creature comforts more important to you? Is family more important to you?

VI. Transfiguration (9:28-36). The greatness of Moses and Elijah was incontrovertible (cf. 9:19), but the Father from heaven said of Jesus, “Hear Him!” For whose benefit was this spoken, only Peter, James, and John were present?

VII. The healing of a boy (9:37-42). An interesting point to this was that the Lord expected His disciples to accomplish what they felt they could not (9:41).
VIII. Attitude of the heart (9:46-56). It is so easy to elevate one’s self above another – even when one makes a conscious effort to not do so. However, because we know our motivations, and not always what motivates another, we can lose site of the important mission of the Lord.