Bible Reading – Mark 10

(submitted by Randal Matheny)
I. Dispute with the Pharisees About Divorce (Mk 10:1-12). Jesus taught, “as was his custom,” but some preferred to argue. The Lord goes back to the original intent to establish the truth. It’s the restoration principle.

II. Jesus Blesses the Children (Mk 10:13-16). The disciples want to screen kids away from Jesus, believing they can exercise authority. All they get is a scolding for their presumption, because Jesus wants to bless especially these.

III. The Rich Ruler (Mk 10:17-22). In Mark’s account Jesus “looks” three times: at the ruler whom he loves (21), at the disciples, who still don’t get it (23) and at the disciples, again, in their despair of salvation. The disciples probably wanted to negotiate with the ruler, since he’d make a great “church member” who just needed to be baptized. But Jesus lets this prime candidate go because the conditions of discipleship are non-negotiable.

IV. The Danger of Riches (Mk 10:23-27). If God blesses the rich, he must approve of them; therefore, they must lead righteous lives. Jesus turns this thinking upside down and shows that only God can save.

V. Reward of Those who Forsake All for the Gospel (Mk 10:28-31). You’ll get your reward, but it will come with persecutions.

VI. Third Announcement of Death and Resurrection (Mk 10:32-34). The closer they get to Jerusalem, the more detailed Jesus is in his description of what will happen there. But for all the pain, all three announcements contain the hope of rising from the dead.

VII. Zebedee’s Sons Seek Privileges (Mk 10:35-40). James and John want a reward that they don’t have to work for. Sorry, guys! Some things are beyond even the Lord to give.

VIII. The Kingdom Is Service (Mk 10:41-45). No authority among my servants. “It is not this way among you” (v. 43). To be otherwise is to cancel the Kingdom among you. Key verse of the gospel is v. 45. He is example of service in his gift of life to ransom and do the impossible: save man from his sin.

IX. Jesus Restores Bartimaeus’s Sight (Mk 10:46-52). How much do you want it? Bartimaeus will not be deterred!