Bible Reading – Mark 11

I. Messianic entry into Jerusalem (11:1-11). The last week of His physical life. He enters the temple complex and takes note of the many wayward people. For this reason He came.

II. The purging of the temple (11:15-19). Whether there was one or two cleansing, the many will debate. No debate, however, of the need to purge of Holy Spirit’s temple of sin.

III. The cursing of the fig tree (11:12-14, 20-26). It is easy to think that the object lesson of the fig tree drying up would apply to the spiritual state of the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Jesus, however, makes a different application.

IV. The failure of commitment to truth (11:27-33). It seems to me that the answer to this question was quite easy to answer, but because they did not want to “lose face,” they lied for the benefit of keeping their status “secured” before the people.