Bible Reading – Mark 12

I. Parable of the vineyard (12:1-12). Not matter the length to which the Lord goes, some just will not listen to God and His prophets. In fact, some in their opposition become quite violent. When the Lord chooses, He has a “long memory.”

II. The Herodian and Sadducean trap (12:13-27). Some questions that are asked have no other intent than to trap. Not only the recipient of the question knows this, but those standing nearby as well. Jesus does not shy away because what they thought was a trap was actually turned on them.

III. A particular Pharisee (12:28-34). Jesus speaks of the importance in a vertical and the horizontal relationship. When ones loves God, as God intends, it is not possible but for the same person to love his fellow man as well. What is also worth notice is that all obedience to God’s will must be motivated by these two commands. Some commands transcend covenants.

IV. Substance in spirituality (12:35-44). Substance is not in outward appearance to those in the community. Vinyl siding makes a house look good. On the other hand, substance is in one’s relationship to God, no matter the appearance to the well-to-do (or anyone else).