Bible Reading – Mark 14

I. The conniving religious leaders (14:1-2, 10-11). Never forget that even religious people (or those who appear religious) can be just as evil as those who have no pretense to religion. Acts 17:11 and Matthew 7:15-20.

II. A lasting legacy (14:3-9). She has done what she could (14:8); a mighty powerful thought, I think. Next time one is so critical of what another is doing, remember what the Lord said about this godly disciple.

III. The last supper (14:12-25). Preparation, disappointment, and joy. The Lord sent disciple to prepare, and once the preparations were made, He shared His disappointment in what one of the twelve was about to do, but no matter, He Himself was prepared for what was to come and He enjoyed the occasion where they were all together. It seems that this occasion illustrates how one can best prepare for this life and the next!

IV. It is easy to say (14:26-31, 66-72). Probably with as much emphasis as he could muster, Peter made it very clear what he was NOT going to do. In the end, however, he did it! When we say what we will do, let us remember the words of the Holy Spirit in James 4:13-17 and Colossians 4:5-6. Good intentions do not always materialize in determined actions.

V. A time of prayer (14:32-42). For some, it is actually difficult to pray. Why that is, I suppose, there are various answers. If there was one who, it appears, did not need to pray it was Jesus. But He was, most definitely, a man of prayer. Should we not be the same? No man is too big, too smart, too strong, or too wise that he need not depend upon the Creator of all material existence, and since we live in that material world, to Him we should turn.

VI. The kiss of betrayal (14:43-52). Earlier Jesus said, “Not my will, but thine be done…” Now, in this moment of stress, He said, “…let the Scriptures be fulfilled…”

VII. Jesus sits before “congress” (14:53-65). I can well imagine the spectacle surround this sham of a trial and the mockery done to decency, justice, to say nothing of the law of God! There He stood knowing that He would stand in another “location” and they would stand before Him (Acts 17:30-31; 24:15)!