Bible Reading – Mark 15

I. Pilate’s inquiry (15:1-15). Pilate was in a no-win situation with Jesus in front of him. He knew that the Lord was delivered because the religious rulers were envious of Him. He also knew that if he let Jesus go, as justice demanded, he would have a near riot on hand. History records that Pilate was in no sort of way a virtuous man. When one does not live by what is right, how will it be known what is right when the situation demands the right to be done?

II. The mockery (15:16-20). I think this was Rome’s attempt to mock the Jews more than it was the Lord Jesus. In any case, whether the attempt was to mock the Jews or Jesus, it was a mockery that was nothing but humiliation.

III. The crucifixion (15:21-41). Simon of Cyrene was compelled to carry His cross – was he a changed man? A centurion, standing at the foot of the cross, willingly confessed that Jesus was someone extraordinary – was he a changed man? There were two women, both named Mary, already they were changed by His teaching. As they watched the injustice, what did they think?

IV. Tenderness applied (15:42-47). With the injustice done, the mockery and humiliation expounded toward Him, there was one who took a special interest in the body of Jesus and applied tenderness. Joseph of Arimathea did not care that this action made him unclean – how could the actions of the day have made anyone clean? He tenderly wraps and lays the lifeless body in a tomb, a new tomb.