Bible Reading – Philippians 1

I. Paul’s opening words (1:1-7). A customary opening for Paul; he always identifies himself in each letter. Grateful to the Lord for his brethren. Grateful to the Lord in a particular way (1:5). We may not feel like we can do much, but it might be the case we are doing more than we realize.

II. In prison because of the Gospel (1:8-14). It is not always easy to see how the affliction one experiences may promote the cause of the Lord; nevertheless, if one lives the life of Christ, the Lord’s cause is promoted.

III. In defense of the Gospel (1:15-26). Always, as I read this particular section of Philippians, I read in Paul’s words that “I refuse to be defeated!” while others may seek to defeat, Paul would not allow himself to be defeated by those of a less than ideal motivation.

IV. The Christian’s manner of life (1:27-30). It would be a foolish mistake to think that the way a person lives has no impact on others. Paul knew this, and others with any sense at all knows this. Others can tell whether you are interested in fighting or trying to keep others together. The truth of God is NEVER to be compromised, but people can tell the difference.