Bible Reading – Philippians 2

I. The mind of Christ (2:1-8). The challenge a Christian has in life is having the mind of Christ. How in the world did the Lord keep His mind entirely focused on heavenly things? He did so by committing to the Father, which is above all, His very life (cf. 1 Peter 2:21-23)? This kind of life reflects itself in an attitude of heart, an attitude of service.

II. The exalted Christ (2:9-11). As a Christian is to have the mind of Christ, just as the Lord was, in Christ the Christian will be exalted by the Father.

III. Paul’s exhortations to the Philippians (2:12-18). Working out one’s salvation is not making our own path, but following the path the Lord set. When we follow that path, it is our choices, our determination, our perseverance that will see us through to the end. The Lord has set forth the path, He has cleared the brush, we now know the way to walk (John 14:6).

IV. Two great servants (2:19-30). The legacy that many choose to leave their respective families is, sometimes, indescribable. Two men that worked with Paul in spreading the Gospel, have a legacy that we have much difficulty appreciating. We might appreciate Timothy more because we know of him a little more, but what of Epaphroditus? What is it that can be said of your legacy?