Bible Reading – Philippians 3

I. Confidence in the flesh (3:1-6)? Not for Paul! He could have said much about what he achieved, but that would have gotten him nowhere with the Lord. Whatever it might have gotten with men was of no consequence to him.

II. Confidence in that which is greater (3:7-11). Paul had no righteousness of his own, but he had to look toward the one who has all righteousness. It is a challenge to compare ourselves to the Lord because we fail miserably when we do so. However, the Lord does not look at us as having failed, He looks at us as brother.

III. Leave it where it belongs (3:12-21). Why do we continually live with our past? The Lord does not; Paul did not, why do we? For some it is not so easily left behind, while for others it is. If we press on toward the goal, I suggest our time be consumed with moving forward, not consumed with yesterday.