Bible Reading – Philippians 4

1. Exhortations to godliness (4:1-9). Note all the positive exhortations Paul wants the Christians to give thought to. Encourage those who labor along side (in whatever capacity). Rejoice in the Lord. Be reasonable (gentle). Be prepared. Steadfast in prayer with a grateful heart. With much wisdom Proverbs 1:7) and understanding our peace with God is immeasurable. When one is a positive influence much work is bound to get done.

2. Paul’s gratitude to the Philippians (4:10-23). No matter the station in life, if one looks up, he sees things in life as half-full, not half empty (4:13). Our individual efforts, our collective efforts at supporting a mission work will not go unnoticed. It s noticed by the recipients of the support; it is noticed by those who read of the report sent back home; and it is noticed by the Lord. Be sure that when we render support to others, our heart motivates us righteously.