Bible Reading – Romans 14

1. Matters of opinion are not always easy to deal with; some want to insist on their opinion as being the counsel of wisdom and that it is to be followed. The result of this is dissension. Paul said this matter in Romans needs addressing, thus he tackles it “head-on,” if you will. A brother was stumbling spiritually, and when Paul got word of it, he gave the church in Rome a principle to live by.

2. In current application, this chapter plays well with a discussion that has taken place over the last six decades: is it acceptable to the Lord to eat in a church building? Today we have some who think eating in the building is a sin, or inappropriate. If this is a conscience problem, then godly people are to respect that way of thinking. Unfortunately, some brothers have MORE than a conscience problem over it—they divide the church.

3. It is one thing to say, “I don’t eat in the building because I am just not comfortable with it,” but it is entirely different when one says this and follows it with “And neither should you!” Sin is a violation of God’s expressed will (1 John 3:4); God did not address this matter, thus it is not possible for it to be sin. However, sin can play a part in this issue, and what Paul says in the following words shows us how.

4. Matters of opinion are ungodly to divide over; it is OK to express ourselves (and we should), but to argue, fuss, and divide (as a consequence) over this is simply ungodly!