Bible Reading – Romans 2

1. The thrust of the previous chapter was to show the waywardness of man; all are under sin, both Gentile and Jews. This chapter sets out to make this clear. In the first portion of the chapter Paul deals with the high-minded attitude of the Jew toward the non-Jew and how guilty the Jew is with his hypocrisy. They follow not the law as given by God because they have not a circumcised heart. In fact, Paul says, a Jew is one who is circumcised in heart, not merely the foreskin. This point of a true Jew plays a role in Paul’s remarks in C-9.

2. When we reflect on the message of Paul in this chapter it is important for us to always remind ourselves that as we point the index finger we have three others fingers pointing back to self. The thumb that is over those other three fingers keeps them in place. We can’t live life without rendering judgment on things, places, and ideas. However, the judgment we use in such cases needs to be a standard not our own (cf. John 7:24; Matthew 7:1-2).