Bible Reading – Romans 3

1. Since Paul made it clear that Jews are also guilty of sin, the question arises about the value of being Jew. Paul said there is much, not the least of which is the oracles of God given them. This advantage allowed them to understand that God loves man and had a plan to redeem him from the bondage of sin. Israel illustrated this when the Lord brought them from Egypt. When the Lord brought them from Egypt He gave them a law and, as a nation, this law pertained to their religious prescription and their moral guidelines. This law, however, was never designed by God to save a single soul. It has always been the case that the just shall live by faith.

2. From the law we learn that man needs something greater than an outside dictum telling us what not to do. We fail at many things and when we fail the sensitive soul begins to wonder if there will ever be a time when he (she) will (or can) meet the standard of the Lord, pleasing Him. Also, from the Law of Moses we learn that a righteous penalty for sin was death, but God allowed a substitute (animal) to take the place of the individual. In God’s mercy (for this is what it was), man was spared His wrath. Now, under the new covenant, we also have a substitute, though not at all associated with animals. We have the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord came not for the Jews only, but also for the non-Jew.