Bible Reading – Romans 6

1. Knowing that we have peace with God how can a Christian choose to live a life of sin? This is, in essence, the question that should be asked. The answer that Christians live a life of sin is because of who it is that is served. There are only two options to man. He can either present himself as a servant of righteousness or he can present himself as a servant of sin. There are no other options.

2. To help us understand the importance of choosing to be a servant of righteousness, Paul has the Christians reflect on their baptism. In their baptism into Christ they died to sin. Having died to sin, sin is no longer to hold sway over them. The simplicity of this should help in the application. It does not, however. The reason it does not is because of who it is that a person wants to serve (6:21). At this point, Paul prepares to go to his next point – and it is complicated.