Bible Reading – Titus 1

1. Paul’s greeting (1:1-4). In Paul’s greeting to Titus, he encourages him to hold on to the notion that God cannot lie. This is important when we think about the chaos of the world and wonder if what the Lord said can possibly happen. Paul tells Titus that not only that it could, but it will because He spoke it.

2. Paul’s instructions about elders (1:5-9). We learn in this little section that elders have a grave responsibility. Not only are they to be holy men, but they are to be ready to convict the “gainsayers,” those who would speak (or live) contrary to the truth of God. This is done in order to reclaim the wanderer and to keep those in the body from being adversely affected.

3. Paul’s plain words (1:10-16). Paul gives an illustration of what he means, and in this illustration his words are clearly plain, there is no misunderstanding them.