Bible Riddle

This one is tough, so it may be a good thing that this is a Bible riddle:

You want to go to a secret meeting but to get in you must respond correctly to what the doorman says. The doorman says 12 to one man and the man responds 6, and he is allowed in. Then he says 6 to another man and the man says 3, and he too is allowed in. A third man walks up and he says 10 and the man responds 5, but he is denied entry. What number should he have said to get in?

Looking for that hint aren’t you? Check out Genesis 6:1-16 and look for the word that best fits the answer to the question. And if you’re feeling spunky, try explaining the “logic” behind the answer.

Hey, after you answer this riddle everything else this week has to get easier!

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