Mirrors and binoculars

Binoculars are a funny thing to me. Our family only ever owned one pair. I can think of reasons someone would want some: bird watching, hunting, making sure your students survived the downhill slip-and-slide. I think I’ve used our pair one time. I’m pretty sure it was at a football game.

A mirror though, I use every day. We have tons of them in our house. Most are decorative, a few are purely functional. I watch myself brush my teeth a lot. I also see how many spots I can miss while shaving. In normal life, I use a mirror WAY more than binoculars.

When studying the Bible, unfortunately, I find myself using binoculars much more than a mirror.

Many of us study the Bible looking through a pair of binoculars. What I mean is, most of us study the Bible in order to teach someone else the truth we’re learning. This is fine, but most of the time we miss studying the Bible through a mirror. Usually we’re so busy studying the Bible for other people that we rarely look at it for ourselves.

This is a trap too many Christians fall into. Myself included.

The next time you’re studying the Bible in order to teach a lesson or help a friend, try to see how you can apply the truth to your own life first. Not only will your own life be changed as a result of studying the Bible, the truth you try to teach others will mean that much more to you.

When others see that the Bible has changed your life they will be more inclined to change their life based on the truth you teach.

Ronald Long, in “The Observer,” Somers Ave. church bulletin, N. Little Rock AR

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