When a Bible verse waved at me

bible-verse-waveMatthew’s version of the Lord’s prayer presents a seven-element chiasmus. I’m still chewing on it, but the central element is the daily-bread request. Surrounding it are two “as” statements (elements 3 and 5). Then elements 2 and 6 include movement or direction. The first and last elements contrast God and the evil one, both perhaps containing the idea of separation: regarding the Name as sacred or special; being removed from the influence or danger of the evil one (don’t quote me on that, yet). I’m amazed to see this.

I popped open my Bible Monday night in the car while waiting on The Missus and the MIL as they picked up a couple of items in the grocery store. The structure just waved at me.

As did Mt 6.24, with a nice chiasmus as well. Note that the verbs in the middle two phrases are mirrored: hate/love and devoted/despise.

• Here’s a short list of books recently received, purchased, or oogled. Only the last one is not by brothers in Christ.

  • Graceful Reason: Studies in Christian Apologetics, by Dick Sztanyo (Vienna, WV: Warren Christian Apologetics Center, 2012)
  • Practical Guide to Bible Study: An Easy-to-Use Outline Format, by Jon Gary Williams (LaVergne, TN: Williams Brothers Publishers, 2011)
  • Except One Be Born from Above, by Mac Deaver (Sheffield, TX: Biblical Notes Publications, 2013)
  • Concise Bible Commentary, by David S. Dockery, ed. (Nashville, TN: B & H Publishing Group, 2010)

• For one who doesn’t like driving an automobile, I’m doing a lot of it and have been over the past several trips to the US. I’m thankful to be doing it, however, and grateful for those who have lent us vehicles. I would like driving a buggy and feeding and grooming a horse much less. All for the Mission.

Some speakers, plus one, at the 8th annual Preachers Files Lectures

Some speakers, plus one, at the 8th annual Preachers Files Lectures

• At this link, a little lesson of mine, “You Can Be Sure of the Power of the Gospel,” delivered at the Preacher’s Files Lectureship this past Saturday. (The introductory text needs editing, and the brother says he’ll get to it.) The time at the Rodgers Springs congregation, just outside of Middleton TN, was a blessing. All sessions should be added online before long, including a Questions-and-Answers session hosted by Dick Sztanyo and myself.

• For the preacher types, here’s a short outline taken from my message at the link above, based on Eph 4.6: (1) God’s sovereignty: God over all; (2) God’s instrumentality: God through all; (3) God’s proximity: God in all. Except I changed the order to reflect the emphasis on the central element. Check out the video for how I developed it.

• Looks like the second Forthright Fellowship is shaping up for Oct. 12, perhaps here in Mt Juliet, TN. More details will be forthcoming shortly. But make your plans to be with us for a day of enjoyable fellowship. Get to know some of the GoSpeak, Forthright, TFR, and BNc crew. The first time we had a special speaker, and we may go for one or more this time as well.

We’d not done another one, because it’s hard to get our people together, scattered as we are across states and continents. Just getting Barbara Ann and ourselves together in the same location is a challenge unto itself. But this time we’ve got the go-ahead.

• Today, people are remembering, on Facebook and elsewhere, 9/11 from 12 years back, often recalling where they were. It’s appropriate to reflect on such events and their meaning for our present life.

I wonder if, after we are swept up into heaven upon the Lord’s coming, any of us will recall where we were or what we were doing when he came for us. I have my doubts. Surely, the glory of God will make us forget the struggles of earth.

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