Bible verses, RSS feeds, (un)sliced bread

click random versesWhat about offering random scriptures on a website? Besides the daily devotional on the personal website, I’ve added a post on “Value of a Random Bible Verse.” Several have discussed the title, if not the text, of the post over on Facebook, but that’s another story. Your perspective would be valuable, especially knowing what if any type of Bible verse app or script you have on your website, be it personal or congregational.

• On The Christian Hub, we added the NET Bible’s RSS feed, and on my personal site, the RSS feed from Crossway, but so well hidden I can’t remember where I got it. You can check there.

• Another shameless plug for Quick Bible Truths. Put it on your website to keep your content fresh. (Remember: content is king on the Internet.) RSS feeds are available through Twitter and WordPress. The latter is probably the easiest. It’s updated daily, sometimes more.

Christian contentRSS is the greatest thing since sliced bread. (OK, so I eat pãozinhos that aren’t sliced.) But you get my drift. So easy to share content, which is how we pull in content on the Hub, basically. It allows you to pull content (articles, posts, news) from all over the web into one spot, and permits you to share your content all over the web for anyone who wants to pick it up. Something like a cable TV company offering different channels.

• Some people are afraid of losing control of their writings. If so, they shouldn’t be on the Internet.

• Tomorrow afternoon, I’m traveling to teach an advanced study in a congregation, a couple of hours away. I’ll be out of pocket for the day. But, Lord willing, we’ll be back that same night, so you can still buzz me, or comment or make a deposit in my bank account.

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