Bible versions

I learned and memorized scripture on the KJV. In the early 1980’s, I moved to the NKJV (right about the time it came out). I actually have one of the originals, which differs slightly from the current version of it. I still use my NKJV as my “carry Bible” and in children’s teaching. All my Bible materials use the NKJV. For personal study, I have Bible software with virtually every translation, the Greek, and the Hebrew. I typically compare translations side by side and where disagreements occur, I go to the original language and lexicons to see the definitions of the words and determine the actual meaning. Then I make up my own mind.

I might also add this thought. For those who think the KJV is impossible for children to understand, it is not. I learned how to obey the Gospel from it with no problems. And an added benefit: I was able to understand Shakespeare much better than my peers in high school English class! 🙂