Bible Versions

I cut my teeth on the ASV (1901) for the first 17-18 years of my christianity/preaching. Since that time, I have evolved from the ASV to the NKJV to the ESV. I am partial to NKJV for preaching (and now for study). I like the ESV, but one translation I enjoy referencing in the NET (New English Translation). It has two good points: 1) it varies between a literal translation and a good sense of the Greek, w/o being overly literal, to the point of wooden. 2) the text critical note, the translator notes, and on occasion the study notes are just great. In my view, every preacher ought to have a copy of it handy.

I do not subscribe to the notion that one’s translation make a person more faithful to the Lord than another – I reject this out of hand! I was taught the truth on the GNB.

In this order, I am partial to NKJV, ESV, NET. I read and study the Majority Text (Interlinear)