Biblical respect – JAM

In his book “Kid’s Say The Darndest Things” Art Linkletter relates asking one boy: “What are you learning in school?” They boy replied: “Not to fight with friends.” “How do they do that?” “They read from the Bible: ‘thou shalt not kill’.” Art said: “I’m glad they’ve stopped killing at school play grounds. But have you been punished lately?” “Yes.” “For what?”, Art asked. “Hitting a kid in the face with a cupcake.” “Why did you do that?” The boy replied: “It’s not in the Bible.” Now that was one young man who had the right answer. We live in a world with shifting morals and changing ethics. The cultural pundits declare there are no absolute truths. But don’t you believe them. They speak according to the direction of the wind. But God’s word never changes and declares both right and wrong; good and evil. This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess

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