Bill of Rights Anniversary

I don’t ride the city buses that often, so it’s never happened to me, but I’ve seen it a number of times. Police will stop a city or rented bus, have all the men get off, and pat them down for drugs or arms. Why does that not happen in the U.S.? Because of the Bill of Rights.

Tomorrow [today], Dec. 15, is the 218th anniversary of the adoption of the Bill of Rights, the first 10 Amendments to our Constitution, as ratified in 1791.

The Bill of Rights was inspired by three remarkable documents: John Locke’s 1689 thesis, Two Treatises of Government, regarding the protection of “property” (in the Latin context, proprius, or one’s own “life, liberty and estate”); in part from the Virginia Declaration of Rights authored by George Mason in 1776 as part of that state’s Constitution; and, of course, in part from our Declaration of Independence authored by Thomas Jefferson.

Read in context, the Bill of Rights is both an affirmation of innate individual rights and a clear delineation on constraints upon the central government. As oft trampled and abused as the Bill of Rights is, Patriots should remain vigilant in the fight for our rights.

This quote comes from the Patriot Post’s Monday Brief.

Prayers are often heard in churches for our liberties, and we are right to thank God for whatever freedoms granted to us in our respective countries. Have yet to hear of someone moving to Cuba for that reason.

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