No billfold in my back pocket. Which can cause embarrassments.

Your humble editor, ready to head for the Snuggery

Your humble editor, ready to head for the Snuggery

I don’t carry a billfold, it stays in my backpack, so whenever I go out without the latter, I have to remember either to stick my billfold in my back pocket or take ID and money with me. When memory fails, embarrassment can occur, as it did yesterday when I went out for lunch near the Snuggery.

The Snuggery is the name of my office. I like the British pratice of naming places. Rather biblical, is it not? Even though I only rent the office space, I’ve named it. Have been there for at least a decade now, so I probably could have bought it in that time. Now that our kids are gone, our ministry is changing and the working fund diminished, we’ve thought about bringing my office to our house. To do that, however, I’ll have to downsize drastically. So several months ago I threw away a book.

Billfolds in back pockets are bad for posture and spinal adjustment, especially ones full of money like mine. (That’s sarcasm, for Mike H., just in case he doesn’t catch it.) Isn’t it amazing how we invent stuff that is bad for us? Like high heels. Now I like The Missus in heels, but why physically torture your spouse over something like that?

The harmful inventions could be multiplied. Cigarettes and alcohol and other drugs like meth are obvious, and, no doubt about it, sinful. But earlier I mentioned items most everyone uses, like billfolds and heels. Maybe their harm is lower on the scale, and that makes them more acceptable. What else can you add to that less dangerous list?

¶ If not back pockets, jackets and coats are wonderful items for carrying things. I like wearing jackets, but not ties. Here, however, there’s not much in favor of them, between climate and culture. Unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb and sweat like a pig. (How’s that, two clichés in one sentence!) I can’t tell you the last time I wore a tie here, and it was probably last July, in the dead of winter, with temps in the 50s, when I last wore a jacket.

We have more to carry today. Of course, Judas was the treasurer of Jesus’ group, so he carried the box or bag or whatever held the ladies’ contributions. But it appears people had less to carry back then, doesn’t it? I mean, today, for starters, we have driver licenses, national ID cards (coming soon to the US), insurance cards, library cards (important!), bank debit cards. Non-Dave Ramsey people also carry things called credit cards, they tell me.

And people used to carry pictures in their billfolds. Imagine that!

We read that the ancients used their wraparound girdle belts to carry things, but that sounds pretty temporary. Maybe they had the right idea, though, reckon?

¶ Some years back the fanny pack, the modern equivalent to the girdle belts, was popular in Brazil. I had (still have it somewhere) and used one here. Mostly carried it slung over my shoulder, however. They’re not as common today, but you still see some guys carry them.

I took mine once to the US, and one of my sons told me quickly not to use it there. I guess he’s more style conscious than I am.

¶ Today my go-to carrier is my backpack. Sometimes I switch to a Samsonite soft briefcase made for laptops. It has more little spaces to hold things, and I like that. But I like the convenience of the pack more. Plus, I tend to stuff the briefcase with too many items (i.e., books). (Does a man get too old for a backpack? I’ll have to face that question soon.)

Years ago, I got tired of buying Wal-Mart backpacks every few months, and did what the experts say: I laid out some serious money for an upscale pack. That was 10+ years ago, and the thing looks like new still, after umpteen trips around the country and to the US, besides everyday use.

So the lesson is, get quality that will last you.

¶ The real lesson, maybe two: What lasts is the word of God, which abides forever and makes us abide forever. Also, whatever we may carry around (or stash in the bank) in this life, we will certainly not carry with us into eternity. Not even in a quality backpack.

Oh, and one more: I don’t own it, and I didn’t name it, but the place I aspire to has a name: heaven.

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