A blessed Thanksgiving Day to all

A blessed and joyful day of thanksgiving to all today, for you and your loved ones. Much to be grateful for. On my personal site, I shared just now “7 Things that Thanksgiving Day Means to Me.” On those seven things today’s prayer was based as well.

This is the kind of list to check twice, is it not, the list of blessings?

On my list of blessings are the Fellows and their contributions to TFR.

One of the great blessed to be thankful for is our eternal salvation. Another is the amazing privilege of participation that God has given us in taking the gospel to the world. Why trust us with this great task? Because he loves us! He wants us to share in the most powerful and intimate work of all, that of ushering others into the presence of the Almighty.

God also wants to show us how his power is active in us not only to save us, but to save others. He is ours for life and godliness, and for service and mission.

We can be thankful, also, that God is inclusive: He accepts any and all who are willing to repent and to submit to his will. He cares not what evil we have done, nor what pain or struggles are ours, nor what impulses or dark desires our heart hides. The invitation of the Sovereign goes out into the highways and byways, into the four-lanes and alleys, into the hi-end gated communities and into the favelas.

We are thankful that God is not shocked by our sins, but provides for us, in Christ, with a means of forgiveness, with a power for holiness, with provision for extending this peacemaking further out beyond ourselves. The Lord brings us in, and turns us into his rescue crew.

This, my dear friends, is fellowship to be thankful for.

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